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Our Mission

To bring your updates on today’s scientific research directly from the source: straight from the scientist working hard to make new discoveries about our world.



Science is moving rapidly- almost too rapidly.  New breakthroughs in medicine and the fundamental research behind such breakthroughs seem to emerge every day.   While this should be celebrated, it is often hard to keep up with science news.  In science, it’s also highly imperative that new information is accurate and well understood.  This takes a lot of time.  Here at Straight from a Scientist (SFS)  we aim to catch you up on what’s happening at the tip of the spear in biotechnology research.

Just as important as the “what” is the “why”.  SFS will also teach you how to understand your body and mind, as well as break down the “how”: the science behind our understanding of it.  Applying new discoveries to change lifestyle habits can help us adapt to an everchanging world.  The best part: all this information is coming SFS, so it’s current, accurate, and verifiable.

To do this, we break science down into terms everyday people can understand.  Podcasts will interview researchers with first-hand experience in the topics discussed.  Infographics (coming soon!) will overview large topics already assigned as homework or exam material.  Our blog posts will describe key parts of all science discussed in more detail.  We’ll consult top experts in the field to make sure all of our science is ship shape and correct.

First, a disclaimer

We are not your doctors.  We do not know your specific concerns, ailments, strengths, or weaknesses.  We do not know your family history, the results of your blood tests, and we have not been to medical school.  We do, however make it a top priority to provide you with information about tried and true and/or empirically backed strategies, lifestyle changes, or therapies that have seen previous success.  It is of the utmost importance that these methods are confirmed by well conducted and reviewed science.


Images are produced by SFS members or are acquired under the creative commons license.  A major source of content is Pixabay, an open source stock photo website.

How to Read Science and SFS

We implore you to think critically about your health and question all sources of information, including SFS. We

do our best to provide reliable sources for your own interpretation of the claims that we make, and we

hope that you take advantage of these resources.  If we are ever to leave out a citation, please contact us and let us know.

Check out Improving Science Literacy for a breakdown of how to get started


Actionable Advice

The the tips, how-tos, and recipes you’ll find mentioned here are things that we have tested and found to be effective.  If my peers or co-workers have experimented with a variant, I will include that but specify as such.  Please be cognizant of any allergies or sensitivities you may have to these foods.

Our main objective is transparency. If something is experimental or controversial, I will denote it as such and will not recommend action.  Please consult your physician before making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle. All activity or nutritional changes should be approached gradually and deliberately. Please see posts on mindfulness to learn how to pay closer attention to how these actions or inaction affect your brain and your body. After each change you make in your life, reflect on not only its efficacy but also whether or not it’s worth it.  Each of us have different lives; unique experiences, genetic and epigenetic profiles, and microflora that can determine how we respond to our environment and ourselves.


All the best,

Connor Wander

Julian Dallmeier


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