Munish Nidadavolu

Munish Nidadavolu is currently a junior in Apex High with aspirations to become an astrophysicist. Outside of school, he enjoys playing and watching basketball, gaming, superhero movies, astronomy & astrophotography, and music.

Munish has worked on the following projects:

What is COVID-19?

Jason Wills

Jason passed away recently in a tragic accident.  We miss him and wish the best for his classmates and family during these tough times.
Jason Wills was a senior at apex high school and wanted to go to school for computer engineering. He enjoyed rock climbing and building computers in his free time.

Priya Chilukuri

Priya Chilukuri is a junior at Apex High School. Priya loves solving problems and challenges. Outside of work, Priya enjoys hobbies such as reading, and drawing in her sketchbook while watching YouTube. She also enjoys spending time in nature.

Priya has worked on the following projects:

Flattening the Curve


Shubham Pancholi

Shubham Pancholi is certified in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Python with the aspiration of going into Computer Science. In his free time, Shubham enjoys Cars, Gaming, and Photography while watching YouTube videos on those topics.
Shubham has worked on the following projects:

Connor Wander – CEO

Research Scientist at Deciduous Therapeutics

Connor Wander, PhD, is a Research Scientist at Deciduous Therapeutics, Inc and a recent graduate from the Pharmacology Department at UNC Chapel Hill.  As a co-mentored student between the Cohen and Song Labs at UNC, Connor studied glial biology, adult neurogenesis, and inhibitory neural networks in Alzheimer’s Disease.  His other scientific interests include the interactions between the environment, genetics, and nutrition in neurodegenerative diseases.  Connor and Julian founded SFS with the idea of connecting people directly with scientists.

Outside of the lab, Connor enjoys hobbies such as graphic design, balcony gardening, gaming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, paintball and caring for his bearded dragons.


PhD in Pharmacology

UNC Chapel Hill 2021

B.S. In Biology and Biochemistry — Chemistry Minor

Virginia Tech 2014

Connor Wander’s Publications