Jake Knight – Advisor

Jake Knight is a writer with a wide range of interests including science, business, history, science fiction and fantasy, metaphysics, religion, and the Bible. His continuing study of life and its interconnections have taken him from explorations in the woods to travel to other countries to spiritual and inward searching. Along the way, he received his undergraduate degree in commerce and a minor in religious studies from the University of Virginia, and took classes in theology and Italian at other institutions. Of most importance to him, though, is not his academic studies but his observation of and participation in life.


His particular idea is this: that all of life connects and is interdependent. That all those of earnest desire and belief in good and for good are looking at/ entering the same house by different entrances.


This includes science. He is keenly interested in the discoveries and perspectives science brings to a fuller understanding, and experience of, life. Especially science having to do with neurology and perception. His job on the team is to ask questions, and help make the science understandable to the non-formally science trained.



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