The Motor Cortex: Brain Kick

The Motor Cortex: Brain Kick

What would we do without our motor cortex?  Not a whole lot!  Running, jumping, dancing, or kicking all demand heavy input from the Motor Cortex, an area of the brain that processes movements.  Even simple tasks like sitting down and playing video games requires constant coordination from many parts of your brain.

Your Brain in Motion

The Motor Cortex doesn’t work alone.  Information relays from one brain region to another until the message finally gets to the spinal cord, following the motor nerves down to the muscles to make motion a reality.

Click and Kick

Follow through the brain of a soccer player as he kicks a ball towards the goal.  Try it for yourself, then go outside and test your own control of motion!  Think about how your motor cortex coordinates with the other parts of your brain to help organize the complex task of spotting, tracking, and kicking the soccer ball to score the winning goal — all within just a few seconds!
Brain Kick: The Motor Cortex
Get to the goal! Explore the brain of a Soccer player as they find, track, and kick the ball down the field.
Credits: This game was designed by Connor Wander and produced by Priya Chilukuri
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