Ep. 52- Maternal Diabetes and Placental Epigenetics with Laetitia Meyrueix and Connor Wander


This weeks episode combines several topics you may have heard of, but never thought about in the same context!  Diabetes and epigenetics are two well-researched topics, but not in the context of fetal development.  During pregnancy, the placenta is the highway that connects a mother and fetus, so when epigenetics act on the placenta, they could have huge effects on development of the fetus and/or the mother.   We break it down straight from a scientist in this episode with Laetitia Myeyruix from UNC’s School of Global Public Health, in the Department of Nutrition.  I learned a LOT from this episode, and I’m sure you will too!  Laetitia makes it really easy to understand everything, you don’t even need me there!

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Laetitia is studying the effect of diabetes on epigenetics- the gene access regulators that can ultimately determine which genes go on to be expressed and affect the body.   Laetitia is working with scientists and clinicians in South Africa to determine how diabetes risk in pregnant mothers affects the placenta.

Laetitia Pauline Meyrueix

Additionally, we talked about Nutribites, the blog Laetitia edits for– go check it out for some sweet nutrition advice from the experts!

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Exit West, the book Laetitia mentioned she was reading and highly recommended!



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