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Jimmy Waldron, Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome
About Jimmy

Jimmy Waldron MA. Ed., is a teacher-turned-social paleontologist promoting the journeys behind the bones. He interviews other paleontologists, researchers, enthusiasts and paleo-artists about the adventures and discoveries that keep these incredible animals in our international lexicon. He hopes to inspire dinosaur fans young and old with a renewed passion for life in all its forms, because no matter what you do, where you’re from, or how old you are—Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome.

In June of 2018, Jimmy started “Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome” as a mission to showcase paleontology as a living science, and provide resources to pursue careers in the geosciences.


Check out #DWABA on Youtube channel, or find them on Instagram, Twitch, and all social media as @DinosaurPodcast.

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