Dr. Mohanish Deshmukh – UNC Chapel Hill


Cell Biology and Physiology, Neuroscience Center

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

About Dr. Deshmukh

Mohanish Deshmukh, Ph.D. is a Professor of Cell Biology & Physiology and the Neuroscience Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Mohanish received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University.  He then went to Dr. Eugene Johnson’s lab in Washington University for his postdoctoral research and joined UNC as an Assistant Professor in 2000.

Mohanish’s research interests have focused on identifying the unique mechanisms by which the apoptotic pathway is regulated in neurons and embryonic stem cells.  His lab also focus on strategies for preventing neurodegeneration as well as for triggering apoptosis in brain tumors. Mohanish received the Burroughs-Wellcome New Investigator Award in 2001.  At UNC, Mohanish was recognized with Teaching Excellence Award (2004) and the Mentor of the Year Award (2012).  He is currently the Co-Director for the MD/PhD program at UNC.  Mohanish has also served on NIH, AHA, ACS and DOD study sections and is on the Editorial Board of Cell Death and Differentiation.


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