Ep. 35: Meta Roundtable with Learning With Lowell and Connor Wander

Another special episode for the SFS podcast this week: a collaborative show between Lowell Thompson, the host of the Learning with Lowell Podcast, and Connor from Straight from a Scientist.  Listen in to hear a relaxed discussion about the motivations behind and the ups and downs of podcasting.  We also talk about our backgrounds, personal histories and interests, and cool things planned for both the Learning with Lowell and Straight from a Scientist Podcasts!
About Lowell
After being in the ICU and the ER for a few years, struggling to survive, Lowell slowly got better.  And after paying off the near-crippling medical and college debt, he decided to create something to inspire, educate, and highlight great science going on every day. So he made a podcast with those goals in mind.  He quickly achieved those goals, inspiring listeners to learn coding, A.I., synthetic biology, and more.  In addition he has helped guests with opportunities to find jobs, get promoted, obtain funding for their projects or startups, inspire others, and have a chance to talk about their work.
Find Lowell on Twitter and keep an eye out for his soon-to-be-launched YouTube channel.
Learn about science with the Learning With Lowell podcast!
Listen to our interviews from ComSciCon with Suzanne Hartley, Stephanie Teeter, Ashish Kapoor, and Aaron Devanathan.
Find out more about the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis with our infographic, review breakdown, and episode with Miguel Mateas.
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