Ep. 37: Conservation and Rainforest Ecology with Stephanie Martin

This week we kick off part one of a two part series on conservation and ecology.  We talked to Stephanie Martin, a Tropical Rainforest Ecologist.  So listen in to hear about Stephanie’s field research in rainforests around the world, as well as what individuals can do to aid in conservation efforts.  Stephanie works to help preserve endemic species, plants and animals that exist only in one geographic region.  Also, we talk about the ethics of ethnobotany and a recent World Wildlife Fund study on extinction levels.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Martin is a Tropical Forest Ecologist, a scientific manuscript editor, and science communicator.  She is currently working towards a Masters and will be researching rainforest ecology in Borneo and Australia in the coming year.  She also maintains a YouTube channel and will shortly be launching an associated website.  Stephanie also works as an events ambassador at the Science Museum in London, and is the blog editor for the British Ecological Society Tropical Ecology Group.

Watch Stephanie’s most recent YouTube video on a weird method of insect survival.

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More Information

Flying foxes, an endangered bat species in Mauritius, face another government cull, the third in four years.  Visit the Facebook page for more information and also to take action to save the bats.  Original photo by Simon J. Tonge.

Read about the WWF study showing humans have wiped out 60% of animal life since 1970.

The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that buys land to protect it from big companies who seek to make profit off oil and metal deposits with little environmental concern.  Donate here to help the organization.


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