Ep54 – Supermassive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies with Mugdha Polimera and Connor Wander

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This week’s episode is about the big things in life- specifically, supermassive black holes in dwarf galaxies!  Connor Wander sits down with Mugdha Polimera from UNC to talk about her work studying supermassive black holes and how their frequency in dwarf (smaller) galaxies can teach us about the formation of the universe.  She quite literally looks back in time!

Mugdha explains how she studies such huge elements so far away, what her studies could mean for our understanding of the universe,  reviews her journey to be an astrophysicist, comments on some popular science myths, and more!  Her research could hold the secrets to how our own galaxy, the milky way, formed eons ago.

Mugdha Polimera, UNC

Here’s a great reference for scale, so you can see just how big some of these things are!

Supermassive black hole to scale with giant stars



Questions about supermassive black holes or dwarf galaxies?  Visit Mugdha’s bio to ask about them!






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