Episode 21: Smart Textiles and Flexible Electronics with Ashish Kapoor

The next installment of the ComSciCon podcast blitz stars Ashish Kapoor!  We discuss flexible electronics and smart textiles.  These game-changing technologies are already showing up in stores and threaten to completely overhaul how we use and think about clothing.  Smart textiles can be used in the military, medical emergencies, or just everyday use.  We talk about other practical applications of smart textiles and flexible electronics, and chat a bit about the barriers this technology will face before widespread adoption.  Ashish is also a radio host, and is currently developing his own science podcast. Stay tuned for the link!
About Ashish

Ashish Kapoor received his M.Tech degree in Textile Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India in 2015 and is currently in the Ph.D. program at College of Textiles, North Carolina State University majoring in Fiber and Polymer Science along with a minor in Electrical Engineering. His research focuses on development of fiber based active sensory textiles and photoresponsive polymer based actuators for soft robotics applications. He received the NC State University’s Provost Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship for 2015-16 and DAAD RISE Professional Scholarship in 2018.

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Read about Ashish’s PhD project on Fiber based Fabric Sensors
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Watch this video to see the Levi’s/Google collaborative jacket that Ashish mentioned.
Learn about Ashish’s three minute thesis presentation in media coverage on the State Textiles News, Technician Online, and State Graduate School News websites.

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