Episode 22: Nanotechnology with Claudia Alarcón López

I had the opportunity to speak with Claudia Alarcón López, better known as @the.nanotechgirl.  She is a Mexican INCQ (Ingeniero En Nanotecnología Y Ciencias Químicas) student who has the goal of spreading knowledge of science through Instagram, with a special focus on nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomicmolecular, and supramolecular scale which can be applied in all aspects of life and interdisciplinary sciences.

About Claudia

Claudia is studying engineering in nanotechnology and chemical sciences at ITESM in Mexico.  She has a lot of activities and interests other than science, including fashion design and sign language.  Follow Claudia on Instagram to keep up with her adventures and learn more.

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