Episode 24: Search and Destroy in HIV Therapy with Aaron Devanathan

Our final ComSciCon interview is with Aaron Devanathan.  Aaron studies HIV infection and elimination in the Department of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill in the Angela Kashuba Lab.  HIV, or Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, is the virus that causes AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  While modern medicine has done wonders in treating the symptoms of an HIV infection, current drugs fail to eliminate the virus entirely.  This is because HIV is dispersed widely throughout the body.  Aaron studies how to hunt down HIV and destroy it, ultimately working towards an HIV cure.

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This episode was recorded at ComSciCon Triangle, the convention for science communicators in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.  ComSciCon-Triangle is a conference organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on developing science communication skills.  Special thanks to RTI international for hosting us!  Follow ComSciCon on Twitter and check out this recently-published journal article on science communication training penned by two (former and current) committee members.

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