Faviola Dadis


Cognitive Rehab with Virtual Reality

About Faviola

Faviola Dadis comes from a diverse background. Her mother is German and her father was Egyptian.  She was born in California, raised in the Netherlands, but has 3 passports and has lived in 9 countries!  While science is where Faviola’s true passion lies, she also loves entrepreneurship. After a 15 year long successful career as an international model and three years running a PR firm in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Faviola took a changed path and returned to university full-time.  She is now a clinical neuroscientist and completed her thesis on cognitive deficits in stroke patients at the University of Oxford. She edited and co-authored the book Aging and Dementia: Neuropsychology, Motor Skills, and Pain. Recently, she has presented her research at conferences around the world.

Faviola is currently a doctoral candidate at the VU University, Amsterdam, specializing in research surrounding traditional and virtual reality neurorehabilitation in patients with stroke, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.  She has independently funded her research via the creation of a medtech startup company she founded, NeuroReality. Faviola is passionate about outreach and projects that have the ability to make an impact on people.  In her free time, she loves hanging out with her rottweiler Kenji, hiking, playing chess, and playing wide receiver on a full-contact all-female American Football team, the Amsterdam Cats.


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