Genius Lab Gear


After many years of working on futuristic technologies in laboratory spaces built and outfitted decades ago, we decided the basic lab experience could use an upgrade. Researchers are doing groundbreaking work in stuffy and boring labs using everyday items whose form and functionality has not been given a second thought since their invention.

We’re approaching this in three ways:

  • Make labs more enjoyable places to work by introducing science art, science-themed motivations and encouraging diversity and acceptance. Let’s make your lab a colorful, vibrant and welcoming space for researchers from every background. Do you have science art (illustrated or imaged) that would look good on a laboratory wall? Email us with examples and we may add it to our Laboratory Art Collection and pay you for each one sold!
  • Help collect and share the best lab hacks from researchers around the world. We are starting to curate and catalogue helpful research hacks that you won’t find in any textbook. These tiny changes can massively reduce frustrating lab problems and improve the productivity and mental well-being of the researchers. Want to share yours with the world? Submit them at the email below!
  • Inventing and manufacturing simple yet helpful gizmos to solve your day-to-day lab problems where no off-the-shelf solution will do. These inventions will be affordable, environmentally-friendly and will make your research just a little easier. See our first few original products in our Lab Gear collection. Have an idea? Shoot us an email at the address below!


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