Jean Rivera


Sex differences in the brain

About Jean

Jean Rivera completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico (UPRM) majoring in Chemistry, with minors in Psychology and Biology. His undergraduate research focused primarily on explosives and forensic chemistry in the laboratories of Dr. Samuel Hernandez and Dr. Carmen Vega. He then pursued a 2-year research internship at Tufts Medical School as an NIH-PREP scholar in the Neuroscience Program. There, he studied the downstream mechanisms of BDNF on the control of appetite and affective states in the laboratory of Dr. Maribel Rios. He is now a second-year graduate student at Weill Cornell in the laboratory of Dr. Kristen Pleil, where he is interested in studying the molecular mechanisms that regulate addiction and comorbid neuropsychiatric disorders, by identifying and characterizing the sexually dimorphic circuits regulating these complex behaviors.


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