Mugdha Polimera, UNC

I am an electronics engineer pursuing my PhD in Astrophysics and Astrostatistics at UNC Chapel Hill. My main interest lies in incorporating “crosstalk” between scientific disciplines in my research. I’m fortunate that my family accompanied me to museums and planetariums and got me excited about astronomy as a child, despite growing up in Abu Dhabi where astronomy education and outreach are rare. I want to use my experience to increase astronomy outreach accessibility in such communities, especially by creating tools and tutorials for applying data science to astronomy. My mixed cultural upbringing and experience from travel to about 20 countries has enriched my ability to spread science awareness to a diverse group of people, especially getting young children excited about science! My ultimate goal is to be a scientist who serves the scientific community and also a mentor who connects with people from different backgrounds, especially women/minorities, and helps them with their scientific journey.

As a graduate student, work-life balance is extremely important! I try to carve out time to cook, sing (and karaoke), eat and I also dabble in photography during my travels!

Links: (the travel photography stuff)

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