Not Just Neurons – Brain Cell Types (BETA)

What’s Your Mind Made of?

A Brain Cell Types Flash Game

Not Just Neurons: A flash game to teach you the cell types of the brain, now in Beta stage! Bugs or issues? Please let me know on twitter @sfromascientist or instagram @straightfromascientist.

(Preview) full game is loading below!

Main Issues to Resolve:

Loading times may vary but in general are very slow. Please be patient! I am working on this!

Not yet optimized for mobile- please use desktop mode for mobile viewing for now.

Make sure your sound is on!



Future changes include:

Adding a quiz section to test learning.  Adding more question to the quiz to test your knowledge of brain cell types!

Icons for each completed brain cell type level (so that you can revisit old stages).

Adding actual pictures of the other speaker

Adding a bio page to learn more about the speakers

Full menu functionality (outlinks to website, other brain cell type resources)

Adding an intro w/instructions and outro  Done!

Polishing art, animations, and audio clips

Optimizing mobile display

Reducing loading times, add loading indicator