Not Just Neurons – Brain Cell Types (BETA)

What’s Your Mind Made of?

A Brain Cell Types Flash Game

Not Just Neurons: A flash game to teach you the cell types of the brain, now in Beta stage! Bugs or issues? Please let me know on twitter @sfromascientist or instagram @straightfromascientist.

Not Just Neurons - Brain Cell Types
Brain Cell Types Game Preview Full game is loading below!

Main Issues to Resolve:

Loading times may vary but in general are very slow. Please be patient! I am working on this!

Not yet optimized for mobile- please use desktop mode for mobile viewing for now.

Make sure your sound is on!



Future changes include:

Adding a quiz section to test learning.  Adding more question to the quiz to test your knowledge of brain cell types!

Brain cell type- specific animations!

Icons for each completed brain cell type level (so that you can revisit old stages).

Adding actual pictures of the other speaker

Adding a bio page to learn more about the speakers

Full menu functionality (outlinks to website, other brain cell type resources)

Adding an intro w/instructions and outro  Done!

Polishing art, animations, and audio clips

Optimizing mobile display

Reducing loading times, add loading indicator