PlantWarrior Protein Powder

We were initially skeptical when PlantWarrior reached out to us for sponsorship: we’ve all heard stories of industry titans leaning on scientists or outright bribing them into fabricating or cherry picking data in research, and we were hesitant to accept any sponsorship deals.  But after taking a look at their mission, values, and product, we were convinced:  PlantWarrior protein is exceptionally pure, plant sourced, and also happens to be delicious.  No lie– best protein powder I have ever tasted.  While neither SFS nor PlantWarrior will ever advise using their protein as a meal replacement, it works great as a protein-rich snack for longer days in the lab, or a post-workout bump while on the go.

 Check them out at and use discount code SFS10 or click the button to go directly to  to get 10% off your order, plant a tree, AND support the SFS Podcast!