S2 Ep 1: Neural Networks on Noradrenaline

This episode is about neural networks on noradrenaline- or the more modern term, norephinephrine- the key neuromodulator known to flip almost every switch in the brain!  Drs. Esteban Oryarzabal and Connor Wander break down how noradrenaline, or norepinephrine help regulate brain states useful for attention and task-switching.  The studies here cover a whole new way to interpret brain imaging studies, which could have huge implications for neuroscience everywhere!


Please note that this episode is special- it’s a preview from research that hasn’t fully undergone peer review.  This means that the findings discussed are still highly preliminary, and could be subject to change.  That being said, it’s an incredible body of work!


Source Paper: “Chemogenetic Stimulation of Tonic Locus Coeruleus Activity Strengthens the Default Mode Network” https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.10.28.463794v2


From <https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCbNHbknmBzRb1CQuQ2J1wFA/videos/upload?d=ud&filter=%5B%5D&sort=%7B%22columnType%22%3A%22date%22%2C%22sortOrder%22%3A%22DESCENDING%22%7D>


2022 Brings new season for Straight from a Scientist Podcast.  Connor has graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and is now embarking on a scientific industry career, where he explores the biology of aging.


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