S2E3: Risk and Reward in Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. Kim Benton

Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Reward

When they hear about my work as a neurodegeneration researcher, people always ask me about Alzheimer’s disease risk factors. What really causes Alzheimer’s disease?  Plaque and tangle buildup


The truth is there’s no one secret to staving off dementia, other than living your best life.  This doesn’t mean following every impulse, but rather thinking clearly about your habits and consciously making those good habits easier to access.


Better lucky than good, but in this case it helps to be both. The kicker is that stress is also a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, so you’ll want to be careful about that too.  Dr. Benton has a refreshing and practical approach about all these thoughts and more.

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