Science Games and Remote Learning tools

What: Web-based science games that provide hands-on science education even in remote learning configurations.  Explore biology topics at your own pace, with audio and visual aids that explore and explain the natural world.

Why: Although naturally curious, even we struggled to pay attention in science class.  Textbooks and worksheets just don’t do science justice.  We need new strategies for science education, especially in this age of remote learning

How: You’ll need a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device with desktop mode enabled.  Check the menu for instructions and more information.  Please note all of these games are in TESTING PHASE!  

Bugs, issues, or feedback? Please let me know on Twitter @sfromascientist or Instagram @straightfromascientist.

Please note we do not currently have full mobile compatibility- working on this!  If you have particular device needs, please let us know.

For Teachers

All games may be customized to meet special class needs or school standards.  Please contact us and detail your school district, class grade and requirements. 

For Students

Any particular topic you struggle with? What would you like to learn more about?  Connect with us and exercise your curiosity! 

For Scientists

Want to showcase your work or lend your expertise in designing a science game or learning tool?  Contact us with your ideas or questions!

Want to learn more?

Check our podcasts, articles, and other science games!