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At Straight from a Scientist, we hope to bring science to the world through direct, informal conversations with real researchers. Our intent is to help you learn the what, why, and how of the research we and those we interview work on every day.

There are two types of podcasts. Roundtable discussions introduce hot new fields of study or investigate the hidden, and sometimes darker, sides of science. Interviews probe into how science is actually done, and why how it is done matters when it’s time to interpret the results.  Podcast members in three different time zones all over the world means access to university scientists from all cultures and walks of life.


Our podcast is a work in progress. You may notice poor audio quality, and an unpolished look and feel to our website and podcast. We’re still learning, and we don’t yet have the proper audio equipment. That’s where you, our supporters, come in.

The project funding will support new microphones, cover hosting costs, and help us keep up with publishing content and distributing it to listeners like you. As real researchers, the main thing we lack is TIME! Time spent editing audio blips or writing podcast descriptions to share on different platforms is time we could be spending recording more podcasts, scheduling high-profile interviews, or keeping up with research that interests YOU. A main part of your support will pay for outsourcing these housekeeping tasks, so we can get more science out sooner.

As supporters, you can also submit direct feedback and questions! This will help guide the podcast as it grows and develops.

Our future goals for the podcast include:

  • Interviewing high-profile scientists
  • Discussing the dark side of science
  • Creating the SFS Network: a place where you can find lab websites and contact info to communicate directly with researchers
  • Designing companion info-graphic pieces for complicated subjects


Thanks so much for your support!

-SFS Team