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The mission of The Addictive Brain is to bridge the gap between science and the world in general. We aim at communicating science to the general public in layman’s language, to make it simple and understandable. We want to give the world a sneak peak into a scientist’s world, and what they do with taxpayers’ money and government funding to build a better world. We also aim at encouraging women and under-represented minorities to study STEM subjects.

Our content style is extremely simple and understandable, and that’s why we encourage our writers/contributors to write in layman’s terms. We publish a variety of articles that include explaining an experiment, or discussing someone’s findings, or a day in the life of a scientist, basically anything that gives you insight into the science world. We also don’t stick to one field of science. Our page is includes of every field of science, and our writers are from around the world.


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