Episode 14: The Immune System and Fat Metabolism with Ricky Barrett

A human artery sample from Ricky’s lab

This week we talk with Ricky Barrett, a PhD candidate at the University of Central Florida (UCF).  Ricky researches the poorly understood role of immune cells like macrophages in fat metabolism.  The immune system isn’t just for protecting against infections- it is a key regulator of fat metabolism and is often overlooked!  We discuss all of this in the context of atherosclerosis, which can cause chest pain, heart attacks or even stroke!

You can find Ricky on social media @rickbarr21 on instagram, or u/rickbarr21 on reddit.  He is active in most immunology subreddits!


Ricky also just published a Nature paper on his work:

Adrenergic hormones induce extrapituitary prolactin gene expression in leukocytes-potential implications in obesity


Check out the Atherosclerosis infographic below for more background!

How might fat metabolism alter brain function?  Check out Episode 10 to learn more!

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