Viral Replication: a COVID-19 Game

Viral Replication
The lytic phase of viral replication. COVID-19 may share this phase

Viral Replication is what makes viruses so dangerous! It only takes infection by one viral particle for a chain reaction of viral replication spreads disease throughout the body.  COVID-19 is no different.

This game breaks down Viral infection and replication, two key parts of the viral life cycle.  Viruses like COVID-19 need to replicate to survive, but they use our own cells to do so!  Knowing how viruses replicate is essential to designing drugs or treatments to stop them and save lives!  But not all viral replication works the same way, so we need to design drugs that block all of them if we want to cure disease.

Click here to play: “Viral Replication”

  • Exponential Growth in Viral Replication

Basic Virology Learning Goals

  • Viral infection process
  • RNA virus replication
  • DNA virus integration
  • Viral replication strategies
  • The lytic phase
  • Exponential growth of infectious disease

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Topics

  • SARS-CoV-2 infection process
  • Human ACE2 receptor

COVID-19 and Other Viruses is a work in progress and will be continually updated to reflect the science of Coronavirus.  For up to date statistics and advisories, please refer to the CDC Website.

Bugs or issues? Please let me know on Twitter @sfromascientist or Instagram @straightfromascientist.

Development notes (12/3/20):

Loading times are still VERY long for this game.

No full mobile compatibility, but it should still run

**Latency is a HOT topic in the coronavirus research world.  We will aggregate current research on this and update the game with scientific conclusions**

Click here to play the full game: “COVID-19 and Basic Virology”


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