Viral Transmission: a COVID-19 Game

Viruses spread disease by jumping from one host to another in a process called viral transmission.  Some viruses spread easier than others.  This game module breaks down viral transmission methods, COVID-19 transmission, and why masks work.  Knowing more about viral transmission helps us protect ourselves and others.

Click here to play: “Viral Transmission” game!

  • Viral Replication- a COVID-19 game

Basic Virology Learning Goals

  • What is viral transmission?
  • Viral transmission methods
  • What are respiratory droplets?
  • Why masks work

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Topics

  • Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases
  • SARS-CoV-2 in respiratory droplets
  • Protecting yourself and others
  • Stopping COVID-19

Last Update: 11/26/20

COVID-19 and Other Viruses is a work in progress and will be continually updated to reflect the science of Coronavirus.  For up to date statistics and advisories, please refer to the CDC Website.

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Click here to play the full game: “COVID-19 and Basic Virology”


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